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15" Aluminum Wide 5
15" Dia. 7" & 8" Wide Steel Wheels
Pro 6 3-Piece Wheels
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8" 10"Mini /8" 10" ATV/ 13" Autocross
12" Rear Garden Tractor Wheels
TWD-FWD & Mini-Rod Pulling Wheels
13" & 15"Aluminum Sprint & Midget
16" Aluminum Wide 5
13" & 15" Aluminum VW 5X205MM
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About Real Racing Wheels
The Real in Real Wheels stands for Racer Engineered ALuminum. Real Racing Wheels started in 1992 to provide racers with a quality race wheel and a minimal delivery time. At the time Boubin Tire Co. was a distributor for another well known racing wheel manufacturer. We were not happy with the delivery time of our supplier, we would order wheels and then wait & wait for delivery. We felt that there had to be a better way of doing business. So with that in mind Boubin Tire started Real Racing Wheels with the goal of a high quality wheel with a reasonable price and delivery date. When our customers order Real Wheels they know that their orders will be handled in a timely fashion. Real Wheels ships to customers all over the USA and other countries such as Australia and New Zealand to name a few. After 22 years Real Wheels has expanded into new markets and has always kept the promise of a high quality wheel at a fair price. Our wheels are not always the cheapest wheels on the market because we refuse to put the Real Wheel name on a product that will not live up to the claim of the Strongest, Roundest, Lightest, most Available racing wheel on the market!
That's why our customers have told us many times, It's a better wheel!
Welcome to the home for Real Racing Wheels on the internet!
Jerry A. Boubin 
Owner Real Racing Wheels
Real Racing Wheels are 100% MADE IN AMERICA