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    How can Real Wheel Late Model wheels be the lightest, roundest, and strongest wheels on the market? Back to top

    They are the lightest because we use a .125 shell, the strongest because of our unique three piece center gusset to give strength where it is needed and roundest because of our double heat treat which allows us to true the wheel.

    How do I get a sponsorship? Back to top

    Every year we get hundreds of request for free wheels. The truth is while we would like to give everyone a deal this is just not possible. Sponsorships come from wheel sales, which we take on a case by case basis. The best time to submit a sponsorship request is late September early October.

    Can I get a different outer bead lock ring with my wheel? Back to top

    Yes. We will have all the different rings available for your wheel upon check out. Please keep in mind that this may change the price up or down depending on the style of the outer ring.

    Are your wheels SFI approved? Back to top


    Why are Real Racing Wheels not suitable for street use? Back to top

    Real Racing Wheels are manufactured for a specific application (racing, pulling,etc.)  We keep the weight down while maintaining enough strength to ensure that the wheels survive their intended purpose.

    How can I save on freight? Back to top

    Real Wheels has trucks that can deliver your wheels to the track at no charge. Please check the newsroom on the home page for dates and times, PENDING WEATHER.

    What if I don't see the exact back spacing or bolt patteren I need for my wheels? Back to top

    The best thing to do is call 800-722-3847.  More than likely the product number has not been added to our system. We are adding new product numbers everyday.

    Please tell me more about brake clearance for your wheels. Back to top

     photo tech-wheelfit21_zps35b5516b.gif

    Brake Clearance Cont. Back to top

    A. Caliper Overhang Distance
    Used to determine if wheel dish is adequate (in some cases a spacer is required for clearance)_________________________
    15" & 16" Pro-6 Wheels must be .650" or LESS
    13" Wheels must be .325" or LESS

    ________________________________F. Distance from CL of Hub to Caliper
    Used with A to determine if a spacer is required for proper fitment

    15" & 16" Pro-6 Wheels must be 3.25" or MORE
    13" Wheels must be 3.1875" or MORE


    G. Width of Caliper
    Used with F to determine if wheel ID is adequate to clear rotor/caliper package

    15" Pro-6 Wheels must be 4" or LESS
    16" Pro-6 Wheels must be 4.425" or LESS
    13" Wheels must be 2.90" or LESS

    What is the inside diameter brake clearance of your wheels? Back to top

    It is .800 less than the circumference of the wheel. For example

    8" will be 7 5/32

    10" will be 9 5/32

    12" will be 11 5/32

    13" will be 12 5/32

    15" will be 14 5/32

    16" will be 15 5/32

    What are the different centers I can get for my Pro-6 Wheels? Back to top

    We have three different center you can choose from with no change in the price of your wheels.

    #1 Our MOD center is the standard center that comes installed in your wheels.

    #2 Our Solid centers come with no holes. To be used when you need no brake cooling.

    #3 Our Vintage centers. For the old Kidney Bean look.