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NOVEMBER Sale on Black Wheels - NOVEMBER Sale on Black Wheels

Real Racing Wheels makes no warranty, expressed or implied as to the connection with any offer of sale or sale of Real Racing Wheels. REAL RACING WHEELS ARE SOLD AS IS. **NOTE - Depending on what wheel you select there may be a 3 week delay in shipment of your order. You will receive a confirmation email which should include the pending ship date. If you have any further questions about your order please call us directly at 800-722-3847

NOVEMBER Sale on Black Wheels

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Part Name Item Number Price  
"15X8 5X5 2"IMCA DL MATTE BLK NBL"R862.585502$69.95
Sale: $49.66
"15X8 5X5 3"IMCA DL MATTE BLK NBL"R862.585503$69.95
Sale: $49.66
"15X8 5X5 4"IMCA DL MATTE BLK NBL"R862.585504$69.95
Sale: $49.66
"15X8 5X5 2"Wissota DL MATTE BLK NBL"R863.585502$69.95
Sale: $49.66
"15X8 5X5 3"Wissota DL MATTE BLK NBL"R863.585503$69.95
Sale: $49.66
"15X8 5X5 4"Wissota DL MATTE BLK NBL"R863.585504$69.95
Sale: $49.66
"15X8 5X5 2"IMCA DL MATTE BLK OBL"R864.585502$144.95
Sale: $102.91
"15X8 5X5 3"IMCA DL MATTE BLK OBL"R864.585503$144.95
Sale: $102.91
"15X8 5X5 4"IMCA DL MATTE BLK OBL"R864.585504$144.95
Sale: $102.91
"15X8 5X5 2"WISSOTA DL MATTE BLK OBL"R865.585502$144.95
Sale: $102.91
"15X8 5X5 3"WISSOTA DL MATTE BLK OBL"R865.585503$144.95
Sale: $102.91
"15X8 5X5 4"WISSOTA DL MATTE BLK OBL"R865.585504$144.95
Sale: $102.91
"15"" MATTE BLACK Aluminum Full Mud Cover"R99.1007FCRMB$47.95
Sale: $34.04
"15X8 5X5 1""IMCA DL BLK NBL"R872.585501$69.95
Sale: $49.66
"15X8 5X5 2""IMCA DL BLK NBL"R872.585502$69.95
Sale: $49.66
"15X8 5X5 3""IMCA DL BLK NBL"R872.585503$69.95
Sale: $49.66
"15X8 5X5 4""IMCA DL BLK NBL"R872.585504$69.95
Sale: $49.66
"15X8 5X5 5""IMCA DL BLK NBL"R872.585505$69.95
Sale: $49.66
"15X8 5X5 1"" WIS DL BLK NBL"R873.585501$69.95
Sale: $49.66
"15X8 5X5 2"" WIS DL BLK NBL"R873.585502$69.95
Sale: $49.66
"15X8 5X5 3"" WIS DL BLK NBL"R873.585503$69.95
Sale: $49.66
"15X8 5X5 4"" WIS DL BLK NBL"R873.585504$69.95
Sale: $49.66
"15X8 5X5 5"" WIS DL BLK NBL"R873.585505$69.95
Sale: $49.66
Black Right Front Mud Cover KitR99.2009BKK$56.32
Sale: $39.99
Recommended Accessories
Part Name Item Number Price  
Inner Mud Cover for 2"WheelR99.AAM2I$63.65
Inner Mud Cover for 3"WheelR99.AAM3I$63.65
"15"" Aluminum Full Mud Cover W/Louvers"R99.1007FCRL$56.83
"15"" Aluminum Full Mud Cover"R99.1007FCR$47.95
"15"" OBL CLEAR MUD COVER"R99.1530$24.48
Black Right Front Mud Cover KitR99.2009BKK$39.95
Chrome Right Front Mud Cover KitR99.2009CHK$72.28
Clear Right Front Mud Cover KitR99.2009CLK$59.44
Orange Right Front Mud Cover Kit 3-IN STOCKR99.2009OK$38.13
Purple Right Front Mud Cover Kit 6-IN STOCKR99.2009PK$38.13