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8" 10"Mini /8" 10" ATV/ 13" Autocross - Inventory Reduction Sale Wheels

Price only applies to in stock wheels. Please call for current in stock quantities. 1-800-722-3847

8" 10"Mini /8" 10" ATV/ 13" Autocross
Inventory Reduction Sale Wheels
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Part Name Item Number Price  
"10X6 3""BS OBL 4X110MM"R39.100623$189.40
"10X7 4""BS NBL 4X110MM"R39.100714$98.69
"8X5 2""BS NBL 4X110MM"R39.080512$92.61
"8X8 3""BS NBL 4X110MM"R39.080813$104.27
"10X6 3""BS NBL 5X130MM"R38.100613$97.60
"10X8 3""BS NBL 5X130MM"R38.100813$108.56
"8X8 3""BS NBL 4X4 1/4"R33.080813$104.27
"10X6 4""BS OBL 4X4"R32.100624$189.40
"10X7 3""BS OBL 4X4"R32.100723$190.74
"10X7 4""BS OBL 4X4"R32.100724$190.74
"10X8 3""BS OBL 4X4"R32.100823$192.94
"10X8 4""BS OBL 4X4"R32.100824$192.94
"10X8 5""BS OBL 4X4"R32.100825$192.94
"8X7 2""BS NBL 4X4"R32.080712$94.86
"8X7 4""BS NBL 4X4"R32.080714$94.86
"8X7 4""BS OBL 4X4"R32.080724$186.56
"8X9 5""BS NBL 4X4"R32.080915$105.41
"8X9 4""BS OBL 4X4"R32.080924$189.50
"10X10 3""BS OBL 4X137MM"R417.101023$175.92
"8X6 3""BS NBL 4X4"R32.080613$94.62